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En Guete, Guten Appetit, Bon Appétit, Buon Appetito
I closed my eyes and mentally went down the To-Eat list I had prepared for my trip [...]

Basel - Weinstube
There is something gratifying about arousing envy from one’s fellow diners...almost like strutting about in a party with a truly desirable date [...]

Lucerne - Hofgarten
As I took in the view before me—softened by blue mist and illuminated by street lights as well as reflections off the water—I experienced one of those occasional moments in life [...]

Bern - Tibits
...wholesome fast food? Sounds like an oxymoron. Yet that is exactly what one finds at [...]

Neuchâtel - Wodey Suchard
Mystery has a way of intriguing the mind and inviting imagination, in the realm of which unbounded possibilities abound and unattainable perfection awaits [...]

Zürich - Mère Catherine
It is difficult to describe exactly how the human psyche winds strings of attachment around another being or a place [...]

Zürich - Odeon
Somehow, we ended up toying with the unoriginal idea of leveraging the institution of marriage for our equal share of wealth [...]

Lugano - Olimpia, Al Porto
Lugano is, after all, Swiss and not Italian. In the land of the Rolex, the Swatch and the cuckoo clocks, the rail system runs...well, like [...]

I was suddenly overcome with a longing to share a homemade meal in silence, with someone whose presence is so comforting that no words are necessary to fill in the gaps between bites [...]

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